Material Master

Data Quality in a single transaction.

Massive and automatic creation of the material master.

Diagnosis of incompletes, duplicates and field errors.




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Duplicate Materials

Identifies materials with repeated or matching descriptions and corrects the short text in different languages

Create Materials

You can create hundreds of materials with two levels of validation

Field Validation

Guarantees the correct value in each field of the Material Master

Validation of Views

The application automatically indicates the views and organizational units to create


Simple reports that facilitate the management of the Material Master

Create Materials

Guarantees quality of information from the moment of creation

Validation of Views

Extension of Materials

  • Extends a material automatically and to the correct plants, storage, saler org, etc..

  • Create the correct views required by a material

Field Validation

Identifies materials with erroneous values in important fields for your business, and corrects them automatically


Duplicate Materials

  • Create or modify short texts in different languages, easily in a dynamic ALV report.

  • Search and replace texts massively (as in MS Excel), for the standardization of the catalog of materials.

  • You can modify the status of the materials or change deletion flag.

  • Know the situation of the materials before making the decision to block or delete them. Do you have stock? Pending requirements? Use in BOM´s?


Important information for the management of materials in a simple and organized manner.

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